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Varozza 4x4 Outfitters started in 2002 when its founder, Ben Varozza, opened up a small shop part-time at his house. Here, Ben began cutting and building junkyard axles for his friend's Jeeps. With Ben's solid background in Machining, Welding, and metal Fabrication, the business grew, and he decided to go full-time in the Spring of 2007. The small company continued to grow, and in 2010, we moved to a larger commercial shop in Diamond Springs. We originally started as a repair/retail parts business, repairing Jeeps that had broken down on the Rubicon Trail and upgrading them with aftermarket parts. We've always strived to produce high-quality vehicles and pay close attention to details. As we continued to learn more about suspensions (the off-road racing background helped with this), we started building a lot of custom link suspension Jeeps. Today, our business focuses almost solely on building elite jeeps from the ground up, building custom coilover long travel suspensions, stretching TJs to LJs, and manufacturing our own custom, precision-made parts.

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