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This is our complete frame/body kit to stretch the frame and body of a Jeep Wrangler TJ into a LJ. If you’ve already built your TJ or even starting with a stock TJ because LJ’s are hard to find this is the kit for you. We’ve developed a simple affordable way to get the longer wheelbase and cargo space the LJ offers plus some extra benefits. Our frame and body kit automatically increases your current wheelbase and cargo area by 15”. Taking the stock TJ wheelbase from 93.5" to 108.5". Keeping the stock fuel tank and rear coil springs is possible, or add a Genright fuel tank and some coilovers for a longer wheelbase up to around 115".



  • This 


Parts Included in kit -

  • Frame Extension 
  • Frame Gusset Plates
  • Body side panel & belt rail extension 
  • Floor extension with stiffeners
  • Fuel line extension 
  • Wire harness extension (Fuel Module)

TJ to LJ Stretch Kit

SKU: VTLJ-1001-K
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